Monday, August 11, 2008

Fill my morning up

Me bones are all cracking when I woke up, making sounds like machinery joints without oil. I'm awake, but me eyes won't open just yet. When I looked up at the screen of me Treo to dismiss the morning alarm, I know what causes these all; it's Monday. No wonder I'm feeling so lazy today...

So when I'm finally at me workplace, I started the day with the usual ritual morning: a cup of hot coffee, read RSS news & listen to the right tunes to fill up my spirit. But somehow this morning, the RSS news aren't that much as usual. I finished up reading all the news, while the
pTunes just hit me favorite song for the week: "Infatuation" by Maroon 5. I guess I've got no other choice then surf the web with the office's workstation, and wonder aimlessly through great pictures at Flickr to get my mood in sync with the music.

That's when I stumbled upon this interesting picture at
Arita S. photo album, pictured on the left, and I wish to share it with you my dear readers:

"The studium is a young woman waiting impatiently for her guest to arrive if you can notice the extra glass. She finished her cup of coffe and looks fustrated. ... The punctum would be the drip on the coffee cup because it shows it appear to look messy or she was in a rush. ... Her partner hasn't arrived yet and her facial expression looks as if she isn't in the mood to check the time. She's just watching outside as she relaxs on a rough day. ..." --Photographer : Joche Van Eden-- Title: "Light my Fire"

For me, the picture is able to take me into that scene where I''m like right there sitting in front of the blonde girl. Oh, what I would give to go to that place at that time. And see the scenery with me own eyes... What a sight for this sore eyes.

But I'm stuck here, in this tight little office of mine. Where works are awaiting me on the desk, and just outside this smelly cubical office.

Wooopss..., look at the time! It's past over my morning ritual, and time to get back to my real life; work all day like a horse out in the field with a plow strapped around its neck. ~LOL~

So how about you? How's your morning today? Hope your spirit is up for today's busy tasks, have a great Monday then!

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