Monday, August 11, 2008

O2 XDA Ignito

Caught this little news when I pass by GSMArena; it seems O2 has decided to make use its close relationship with HTC, and take the HTC's Touch Diamond handset for its own newest upcoming handset named: Ignito.

GSMArena is reporting that the O2 XDA Ignito will be identical to HTC Touch Diamond, and it'll get the full 192MB of RAM. Here are the rest of the detail on the news:

On the other hand it also suggests that the XDA Ignito will also feature the design-over-practicality diamond-styled back of the original Touch Diamond. The O2’s touch to the device is most obvious in the TouchFLO 3D UI which is now colored in the company’s traditional blue and white colors. The O2 XDA Ignito is expected to start retailing as soon as August 12th, which is less than a week away. As of now however there is no word on its pricing.

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