Saturday, August 23, 2008

Get your Google phone now!

You can stop "dreaming" to get the first Google's Android phone, HTC Dream, because it's taken forever to be released since all of the rumors. In fact, you can start get your own Google phone right away, now.

I didn't notice this before, until
Valleywag has pointed out about GE's Premiere DECT 6.0 Phone. It's not a mobile phone, but instead it's a cordless phone that uses 800-GOOG-411 service.

Ooops, I didn't upset you am I? ;-p My bad then...

For you who haven't know yet, GOOG-411 is Google's new 411 service. With GOOG-411, you can find local business information completely free, directly from your phone. You can access 1-800-466-4411 from any phone, including mobile phones.

According to Mark Hachman from
GearLog: GE highlighted the $99.99 GE Premiere DECT 6.0 Phone with Home Speakerbox/Intercom (model 28821FJ3), which includes a dedicated two-way wireless intercom system plus a special portable speakerphone/room intercom unit.

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