Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Intel UrbanMax shown & admired

Caught this exciting news at GottaBeMobile, via jkOnTheRun; Intel has introduced a new concept called UrbanMax at Intel Developer's Forum (IDF), that could very much shakes up the first concept of netbook.

Why? Well, by only seeing at the pictures on the left there; we can see how small and light weight is that UrbanMax device. The hands that are holding the device tell that much, and you gotta see the rest of the pictures at GottaBeMobile.

The keyboard is using slide mechanism and it'll be hidden underneath the tilt-capable screen, so IMHO the UrbanMax is look like kinda cross-over between tablet PC and dekstop PC, yet it takes form in netbook's main traits: small & light weight. Mmm... I can't wait to held and own this baby, Intel you better go hurry and market this device already!

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