Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steve Jobs admits iPhone 3G bugs, and why you shouldn't be bothered updating to iPhone v2.0.2

Lately, Steve Jobs has done things that we never expected before from him. Starting from his 'undirect' apology about MobileMe mess, then he admitted there's indeed a "kill-switch lever" in iPhone 2.0, and now he answered about iPhone 3G's bugs.

That last exceptional action of Mr. Jobs was from his response to an
AppleInsider reader, who's been asking Mr. Jobs about iPhone 3G's reception issue.

"This is a known iPhone bug that is being fixed in the next software update in September," reads the one-line message from the Apple co-founder.

The short line answers many questions, one: it's not a secret anymore that iPhone 3G/iPhone 2.0 indeed has issues, second: the firmware v2.0.2 update is not the cure and Apple is still working for a cure, third: we'll have to wait till next month for it, four: Mr. Jobs admits something... OMG! ;-)

So for you who
love to get the updates whenever they come out, you might want to consider updating your iPhone. Because more and more users are reporting there is no improvement at all after upgrading into v2.0.2, only very few believe there's a slightly better reception. Besides, if you do the upgrade that means you'll need to re-install all your apps back, or jailbreaks your iPhone again.

The worst of all, there's a chance you'll get additional mess like one member of Apple's forums who has been told by a support agent that his iTunes account was apparently "split into two separate accounts," confusing the iPhone when it attempts to load an app.

iPhone Atlas also has reported that iPhone OS 2.0.2 is causing a serious issue, in which some third-party applications crash or do not launch, for many users. This problem is generally accompanied by another in which music and other media are erased from the iPhone. The simplest fix to try: erase one application, then re-download it. Now, you don't threw away your purchase slips haven't you?

But if you have put so much faith into Apple's stocks, I suppose getting the latest update is the only 'brief' redemption you can find for now. My advice is to wait and see for users input & comments about the updates, before diving into an unknown mess again.

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