Thursday, August 21, 2008

iPhone 3G coming to Singapore

A good news for iPhone 3G wannabe-owners in Asia Pacific region, especially for you who reside in Singapore and other countries that are surrounding the smallest nation in Southeast Asia.

As what has been reported by
PCW Business Center; Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) will be offering unlocked iPhone 3G on August 22nd, the promo is shown at SingTel website. But customers won't get one of iPhone 3G's standout feature; the visual voicemail, and no music or video downloads from iTunes as well.

"On launch, customers will not be able to buy content from the iTunes store. However, they will be able to buy applications from the Apple application store," SingTel said in its FAQ page, did not offer an explanation why.

The iPhone 3G will be available for free to Singaporean customers who sign a two-year contract that costs S$205 (US$145) per month, including 1,500 minutes of outgoing talk time and 3G bytes of data access. The cheapest plan for new subscribers costs S$348 for the 8G-byte iPhone 3G and S$508 for the 16G-byte model, and requires them to sign a two-year contract that costs S$56 per month and includes 200 minutes of outgoing talk time and 1G byte of data.

Of course with this unlocked iPhone 3G coming to Singapore, will mean easier for neighboor countries close to Singapore to get their hands on the most coveted mobile phone right now. Although with the known
iPhone bugs, those issues still don't slow down iPhone popularity yet.

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