Thursday, August 21, 2008

A round of applause for Treo Pro

There's a rising star coming out from Palm, and it has a lot of potentials inside its slim body. Ladies & gentlemen, I'm sure you already know what it is I'm talking about and even without a preliminary introduction; this Palm's newest bad boy (or girl if you wanted to ;-p) has making plenty of ruckus around the blogoshpere just few days ago.

Introducing at Palm's
Business Solutions corner, weight in just 4.69 oz and with dimensions of 4.49" x 2.36" x 0.53", it'll join in with its older sibling the Treo 800w which is already sitting pretty there; "Functionality, not fuss" is its nickname. Its black colored body is already showing the seriousness of the raw power within. Without any further ado, allow me to re-present it to you, the one and only... Treo Pro!!! --sounds of crowd cheering & loud applause--

For you who (may) have missed the official announcement of Treo Pro by Sammy
here at PalmAddict, especially about the availability & pricing then here's a little reminder: the U.S. will get unlocked version at $549 price tag, while others can get it through Vodafone & O2 at 399 Euro (with contract). For the lucky Australian, Telstra will offer it soon enough and then followed by releases in various Asian countries later.

Sammy also has posted a
link for us, to see the pictures and 360 degree viewing of Treo Pro at Palm website. So grab an empty bucket, cover your keyboard, move away your mouse, clear your computer desk; and start drooling. ~LOL~ In a few minutes after the drool stops, you'll be repeatedly clicking on the 'Purchase' button but to find out that it's not yet on sale. But don't worry you're not alone, I did that too, so let's cross our fingers together that Palm will not hold Treo Pro release anymore. ;-)

While we're eagerly waiting and biting down our nails till they're left no more, why don't you try read the
New York Times article that Sammy has posted too; it's about Palm and the new savior: the Treo Pro. Reading through the article has got my spirit & hope for Treo Pro, and re-flame my interest in Palm. The article takes us to get to know of the man behind the recent success of Palm device, Jon Rubinstein. An inspiring and encouraging words written there from Richard Wong, a venture capitalist at Accel Partners in Palo Alto, who's said, “Just when you count them (Palm) out, they do something interesting.”

And as in rhyme with the NYT article, "Business productivity is the corner stone of Treo Pro users..." said by Stephane Maes, Palm's VP of Product Marketing in the video demo below. Palm is going back to its core and focuses back on getting back the once loyal consumers of Palm devices: business users.

Watch the video I've embedded below in this post, where you can have a glimpse of Treo Pro's packaging that has received a good comment from NYT: "Even the Treo Pro’s packaging was modernized. It looks surprisingly (or maybe not so) like the jewel-box-size package Apple used for the iPhone." Well said and pointed out. The video acquired via
Engadget, be sure to check it out.

Also in the video, Peter Skillman, Palm's VP of Design said: "It takes a hundred little details in aggregate that make for tsunami of a great experience, and what we really wanted to do with Palm is to nail all of the little things and actually drive that across the board ... all of these little things matter, and this is what we really doing at Palm."

I hear you bro, I feel you on the little things... ;-D That's what make this life worth while to live with, the little details. Speaking of that, don't forget to listen to Tyler Faux's latest
PalmAddict official Podcast #126, where he talks about Treo Pro too.

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