Thursday, August 14, 2008

iPhone 3G reception troubles is hardware issue?

Are you having dropped calls, flaky network signals, and unreliability of service while using your new iPhone 3G?

There have been tons of complaints worldwide from iPhone 3G users, not just in the U.S., but also everywhere around the globe. Many say they often lose reception during calls, and while moving around from a 3G vicinity to the next one.

Then there are others who’ve been saying their iPhone 3G are jumping from 3G to EDGE network even though the device stays still. Short battery life, low GPS performance, etc. Worst is, there are some reporting the iPhone 3G will display the white death screen randomly.

At first those unfortunate iPhone 3G owners thought it might be AT&T’s network hiccup, but when they checked with friends who use 3G mobile phones on the same AT&T network are not having similar problems at all, that's when the words are bleeding out fast.

The complaints can be found almost in every iPhone & Apple forums on the net, and even in the message boards on Apple’s own web site. And each of them have spectacular amount of feedbacks and comments, almost every one of them are agreeing and share the same stories like others.
One particular blog about iPhone that is full of those; One More Thing, which is hosted by Tom Krazit, asked its readers about this reception issues. And as I write this post, the blog has received 126 comments at
first post, and 119 comments on the second one.

There are some interesting insights that can be found in Tom Krazit’s posts, for one there are two ways to see the reception troubles: from the network perspective and from the phone itself. Read on his
blog post to find out more.

But then came a note published by Richard Windsor of Nomura (posted by
GigaOM), which saying that the iPhone 3G's chipset, made by Infineon, as the probable culprit for the reception problems. "We believe that these issues are typical of an immature chipset and radio protocol stack where we are almost certain that Infineon is the 3G supplier," Windsor wrote. He also remembers of similar complaints five years ago, when 3G phones were first launched in Europe.
When more and more fingers are beginning to point out to iPhone’s hardware as the cause of the problems, another news is adding another weight onto Apple’s fault charge. This time is from T-Mobile Netherlands, which the company is saying in
its blog on Tuesday morning that bluntly put the blame on Apple.

Are these all true? Do you have the same symptoms like above with your iPhone 3G? Please do share with us all here at PalmAddict, wherever you are.

Will this become another
bitter bites that Apple fans must take? It’s best that you, iPhone 3G owners are starting to cross you fingers and hope these aren’t caused by hardware issue. Because if it is, then there’s no way it can be solved only with updates or firmware upgrade…

For Apple sake, and for all of us; let’s hope it’s not.

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