Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The beauty & the brawny, the new Lara Croft & Prince of Persia

It's been a long day without mobile news that are less than the usual, so I guess it's okay if I posted these two? They're a bit off from mobile world, but close enough for computer games that you geeks so love about. Yup, that means me too. ~LOL~

The first one is about the new Lara Croft model; which I'm sure this one attracts more male readers attention than the females. ;-p

Stepping in for the role of the famous and pretty tomb raider, is a 23 years old British gymnast Alison Carroll. She has won multiple first place trophies in regional and national competitions.

Yesterday, on August 11th, Alison appeared before the media for the first time during a press conference at Pineapple Studios in London, England. For the new Tomb Raider game, slated for a November release, Carroll will be the face of Croft, joining the long list of ladies who have held the title, such as Karima Adebibe (pictured on the inset image), Lucy Clarkson, Jill de Jong, Lara Weller, Nell McAndrew, Rhona Mitra, Ellen Rocche and Vanessa Demouy. --click on the image to enlarge it--

The next one, I believe will make the girls scream and admiring the "Brokeback Mountain" actor; Jake Gyllenhall who's currently playing the role as Prince of Persia.

Gyllenhall was seen at the Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time film set in Morocco-North Africa, along with Reese Witherspoon. In the movie, he plays Dastan, a sixth-century prince in the land of Persia who hooks up with Tamina, played by Gemma Arterton, in order to protect the Sands of Time (spoiler alert!).

I guess now we know why Witherspoon is so glued to Gyllenhaal, I remember saw him in the "Day After Tomorrow" movie where he's so thin and had that childish face. But now, just look at his body, maybe Gyllenhaal can smack down the Rock. ;-D Thank goodness though, looks like he has ditch away his BlackBerry addiction and pour all of his attention to Witherspoon. --click on the picture to view it larger--

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