Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Live shots of Motorola's RAZR VE20

It's kinda sad to see Motorola's newest handsets nowadays, there's no more 'spark' that can be found in the new design. In fact, they all are looking not much different from years ago when the first RAZR came out.

But nevertheless, I still going to bring the news to you.
PhoneArena is saying that the RAZR VE20 will be a Sprint's exclusive and rumored to launch this Sunday. Here are the rest of the details:

The VE20 features a 2.0 megapixel camera, QVGA main display and a touch sensitive strip on the outer display like the V9m has. The device is bright and shiny, with a mirrored front and scarlett accents throughout. The inner display is very crisp, and it will be the feature device for Sprint's upcoming NFL Mobile Live application, which will allow users to listen to live game audio as well as watch NFL Network broadcasts for the first time on a mobile phone.

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