Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Digg toolbar for Firefox 3

Have you know that Digg has released a new toolbar extension for Firefox 3? If you're one of those persons who love to share the knowledge with others, and you're a Firefox 3 user; then you might want to grab this latest Digg's toolbar.

Josh Lowensohn (
Webware) said that the new toolbar integrates whatever page you're on with the popular social news site. Included are handy things like a real-time pop-up window that notifies you when friends have dugg something, or when new stories hit the front pages of various sections.

And not just that, there's also a toolbar that can be toggled on the top of your browser which shows you if a page you're on has been submitted to Digg along with options to submit it yourself or read the user comments.

Digg Firefox 3 Extension from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

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