Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing 2008 uses RFID to boost management performance

RFID, or known in its long name as Radio Frequency Identification, is one of the not so new technology that's rare to be used these days. Most of RFID technology is used in mass retail and public services, but only big & modern countries are the ones who have begin to adopted it.

Price was once a big obstacle to widespread the use of RFID in for many purposes, although RFID price has gone down and reached to the point where even small businesses are able to pick it up, looks like it'll get even more cheaper soon in the future.

China, the one country in the whole wide world that's known not only for its largest population but also for making all things and products to become very cheap; has began using RFID in the Olympics 2008. The RFID chips embedded in Olympics tickets will be not carrying personal information, taking care of ticketing for the estimated 3 million athletes, journalists, and spectators. They'll be linked to a remote database, designed primarily to combat counterfeits, facilitate check-in, and so on.

And not only that, local China authorities will also be using an RFID-based food management system to maintain close tabs on food production, processing, and deliveries. The arrangement may be a lot more significant than the one mentioned above, considering the well-being of close to 10,700 international athletes and the daunting logistics of pulling off events across 31 competition venues throughout the country.

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