Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 mobile live watch

The whole world seemed to pause for few hours yesterday, when the Beijing 2008 Olympic opening ceremony was held.

Almost every tv stations were broadcasting live the spectacular event, China is successfully amazed the world. For those who once live in their excluded own world, and thought that China is still a poor and under developed country, were all acknowledge the now modern China. The "sleeping dragon" has finally awaken & show off its fangs, so some have say...

Well, back to the broadcasting topic. "Almost", as I've said up there; almost every tv stations are broadcasting live the Olympic games. Not every tv stations in each countries are willing to dig deeper into their pockets to buy the privilege to broadcast the games alive.

One of the saddest thing I felt is, that I can't see the opening ceremony in live action because no local tv stations in my country are broadcasting it (they prefer to keep airing their cheap local soap-opera drama series instead!); thank goodness we still have satelite.

And thank God for the modern technologies we live in right now, live streaming or recorded games are all available through the internet. One of the most exciting web site to follow on the games, is
NBC's Olympic. MSN and NBC have partnered to create “the digital games” powered by Microsoft Silverlight, and they are now providing a way to gain access to a new Olympic viewing experience.

Yup, you'll need to install
Microsoft's Silverlight in order to enjoy the contents. But like Eric Ligman has pointed out, you'll have these features:
  • View four events simultaneously – Yes, you can view 4 events at the same time with picture-in-picture controls. Customize the player to capture your favorite events!
  • Get access to extras, while you watch - Get expert commentary, dynamic statistics, play-by-play captioning and athlete profiles...all at your fingertips.
  • Watch what you want, when YOU want to! - Choose from 3,000 hours of live and background footage, and watch whenever it's convenient for you with the enhanced Silverlight Player.
  • Get the best and brightest Web video experience around - Amazing, clear, crisp video no matter what your bandwidth.

Or if you wish to make use more of your iPhone, you can use Orb for iPhone; like what Mr. Kevin has mentioned in his post at jkOnTheRun.

It's time to use that new netbooks you've just purchased, and see if they're all worth the money you've spent on them. ;-p

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