Friday, August 8, 2008 mixes his latest music video with BlackBerry ad

Good day my dear PalmAddict readers! ;-D

I thought I wanted to start the day with news around the mobile world, but I guess it's better to get on with today's celebrity mobile phone usage news instead. And cheer your Friday, the end of a long & busy weekend, with some colors.

This time around comes from the very talented artist:, the frontman of Black Eye Peas group latest music video "One More Chance" is definetely full with RIM's BlackBerry (BB) flavor. In my own surprise, personally I like the song, it got what I like to call 'snappy' rythm. But that isn't the thing that catches my attention or yours, it is the obvious BB appearences in the music video. --click on the picture to enlarget it--

Not long after the music video started, we can see takes out a BB Curve (in the new Sunset color, I suppose) from the BB billboard sign and spin it for awhile, another obvious act to show off the BB Curve. And then he sing in front of the sign, before moving on. Even the girl in the music video also keep a BB close to her ear for quite some time.

I'm not entirely agree with Benny Goldman's (Gizmodo) comment on this's video, but he has a good point; it does look like RIM is taking part of directing the video clip. Or in other word, like CrackBerry has pointed out too; RIM's Public Relations & Marketing have done a great job to land BB ad into one of the rising music artists in the industry right now. It has been a common practice in the entertainment industry to promote new gadgets/toys, aside from mobile phones, shiny expensive cars are often used.

Go to either Gizmodo or CrackBerry site to watch the YouTube video clip.

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