Sunday, August 24, 2008

A rumor & an update for MacBook Air

Don't think that your slender MacBook Air (MBA) won't get any rumors or updates, because you're getting both of them just at this end of the week. First one let's get to the rumor: new Intel Core 2 Duo S processor for the next gen of MBA.

It's actually more kinda like a prediction than a rumor, really. Cuz at the latest Intel Developer Forum (IDF) held on San Fransisco; Intel announced the new small packaged Core 2 Duo that Apple has used in MBA. That new processor will be called Core 2 Duo S, there are two clock speeds available: 1.6GHz & 1.8GHz.

You may say those clock speeds are the same with your MBA right now, you damn right they are. But the new "S" processors will have better FSB: 1.06GHz, cache memory: 6MB L2, and consume less energy: 17W.

That would mean you'll get a tiny bit more performance boost with a new price tag, remember; new gizmo means it'll be pricier than the old one. But let's face it, you'll get it right? Cuz with less power hungry processor means you can turn on the back-light of MBA's cool keyboard more often & longer, you like that don't ya? ;-)

Next one is a
new important update for MBA that can fix the processor idling bug, which reportedly by MBA users; one of the Core 2 Duo processors would shut down when MBA is too hot. The update also to fix problems with video playback on MBA. This update can be considered very late after the issues first known, but nevertheless Apple has finally released an official update to fix them.

Before you grab the update and start installing it into your MBA, Apple has warn that third-party utilities used to adjust the clock speed and voltage of the processor may create problems and should be uninstalled before applying the update.

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