Sunday, August 24, 2008

Android say no to Bluetooth

In a shocking finding by Nancy Gohring from PC World; it looks like Android won't be having Bluetooth feature. This is confirmed by Android's latest SDK, the Android 1.0 release note says it won't include a "comprehensive" Bluetooth API (application programming interface).

Some developers have focused on the word "comprehensive" to surmise that a future SDK update that Google has said might come in September could include very basic Bluetooth support.

It's hard to imagine that the most awaited mobile platform will not have Bluetooth, what will we do with the expensive Bluetooth earpiece that we've just bought? And how about HTC Dream?

HTC Dream is one of the first mobile phone with Android OS in it, and rumors say it's due to be released on late September. Will it not feature Bluetooth connection? It's not likely... "HTC would not release a smartphone in this day and age that lacked Bluetooth support," wrote a developer going by the name Jeff Craig on the

Maybe Google or the Android Dev Team will release another SDK, that will include Bluetooth API in it. We'll have to wait and see about that.

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