Monday, September 15, 2008

Ambience for iPhone/iPod Touch

Good day dear readers, how's your Monday? I hope you're having a wonderful and productive work environment today, as for myself, I've been sweating more because of the humid weather and do some lifting items on this start of the weekend.

It's alright I guess to help others at work, even that means I had to sweat for it. The most important part is to recharge back the energy when it's time to take a break in the afternoon, I usually take a relaxing seat and fire up
pTunes in my Treo to shut off the noise at workplace and listen to my favorite tune today: Kaskade - Beautiful Thing. A very cool song, love his other works too, hit the link there to stream & listen to one of his DJ skill. (tip: pump up the volume for better experience ;-D)

But that doesn't always work for everyone, some time music isn't quite the right thing you need to keep away the noisy environment that's surrounding the place you're currently working. Just a simple yet soothing noise you're familiar with to cover up the annoying noise, is probably more suitable. If this is your thing, then
Ambiance is the right noise application for you iPhone/iPod Touch owners.

The Ambiance user interface is simple enough to get it going and quickly start using the app, and it got plenty of ambient noise for you to choose from its playlist. Matt Coneybeare, the creator, is keep updating new sounds into Ambiance. But in the app's web page, explains that you can delete the unwanted sound files so you can sync faster the iPhone/iPod Touch with your computer.

I think it's a pretty neat idea, simple but useful, trivial but needed. It must be a very pleasant experience to work while hearing the sound of sea wave, and picture myself on a beach instead at smelly small sized cubicle. ~LOL~ IMHO the application isn't that expensive, it cost only $0.99 cents. And if you're interested, you can grab it at App Store, or through this iTunes

It's better to use this kinda "environment enhancer" (like Matt calls it in his Ambiance web page) while you're still working, rather than hearing some "weird" sounds like in the Youtube video below. ;-p I had a good laugh watching the funny video, it really cheered me up; and so I hope it'll work the same for you too. Have a fantastic start of the weekend y'all!

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