Monday, September 15, 2008

Get or lose a job, all because of your social networking profile

I don't think it's a surprising act of conduct for employers to know more the background of the workers they're about to hire, you know; the usual background check.

Like if your last/family name is the same as their boss or not, do you have a certain addiction, are you just break out from prison, do you have supernatural powers, are you an Obama or McCain supporter, do you used to dress the opposite of your gender, etc. ~LOL~

The list can go on, and given the natural born uniqueness of mankind, plus the endless curiosity of ours; where else is the best place to look up the dirty little secrets and see the naked of you, than the place where you're the one who love to expose all of them by yourselves: social networking profile.

According to
Careerbuilder (via PCW Business Center), 20% of the surveyed companies have admitted to checking out candidate's profiles on social-networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace before deciding to employ them. A further 9% said they planned to start reviewing potential employees social-networking pages in the future.

The research also revealed that while 24% of employers had hired a member of staff based on their social-networking profile, 33% had also decided not to make a job offer after reviewing the content on a profile.

But that doesn't stop there, the use of over exposed social networking profile can create a huge impact and devastating result; the worst is you'll get fired from your job. Like those 12 photos that should never have been posted online, which are summed up by Dan Tynan at
PC World, and a very fun editorial to read. Don't miss it out, hit the link to find out which one is the most ridiculuous for you. ;-p

My favorite is the latest one; #12. I'm a PC, She's a Mac, and You're Unemployed. In October 2003, the Microsoft temp posted photos of Macintosh G5s being unloaded on the Redmond campus to his blog with the title "Even Microsoft wants G5s." And that was enough to get him canned from his job in Microsoft's print shop for an alleged "security violation." Apparently, the world's largest developer of software for the Mac (besides Apple) didn't want anyone to know that some of its employees use Macs. ~LOL~

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