Thursday, September 18, 2008

Google Audio Indexing, aka. gAudi (in short)

Google is doing its thing at best again; innovate new web service. And this time around, Google is going back to its core and well known technology: search engine.

Google Audio Indexing, or called as gAudi if you prefer it in short; is a new technology from Google that allows users to better search and watch videos from various YouTube channels. It uses speech technology to find spoken words inside videos and lets the user jump to the right portion of the video where these words are spoken.

Google Audio Indexing uses speech technology to transform spoken words into text and leverages the Google indexing technology to return the best results to the user. The returned videos are ranked based -- among other things -- on the spoken content, the metadata, the freshness.

Right now gAudi is focusing only on political videos and election materials, and uses the other Google's most famous video service; the
YouTube. After showing up the results of your search, gAudi will then shows yellow dot marks on the video's timeline; they represent the words that you're searching for.

And according to
TG Daily, Google said it will gradually increase its (gAudi) scope. But what I really wanted to see is how gAudi can be implemented into mobile phones usage. Just imagine when you're on a foreign country, say like... Spain? D'oh I really envy Sammy for able to have a vacation there ;-p Wouldn't it be convenient if you can just fire up your mobile web browser in your phone, launch gAudi, spoke the words you're looking for, and then v'oila; in a matter of second you have your translation shown on your mobile screen. How cool is that, eh?

gAudi might be not a great thing for all of us now, even maybe so for Google, it might only a startup experimental project at Google Labs. But if what I've mentioned above can really comes true in near future, then it might as well generates the same revenue for Google the same as its web search right now. "Cha-ching...!" Did you hear that Sergey Brin?

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