Thursday, September 18, 2008

The other thing that went down with Lehman Brothers

When the Lehman Brothers is finally swirling down the toilet drain (as nicely put in words by Andrew Sheppard's email post), the massive lay off is inevitable. It's estimated that there are around 29,000 Lehman Brothers employees have lost their jobs.

But that's not all they're losing, guess what? Yup, they'll also are probably going have to give up the BlackBerry handsets in their pocket. Because they, the BlackBerry phones & email services, are apparently funded and paid monthly with the company's money after all. ;-p

You think it's a joke? Apparently not for one of those 'now-unemployed' angry Lehman Brothers employees.
New York Times is reporting that after packing up their desks, many Lehman Brothers employees stopped by two bars near their Times Square office Sunday night.

As they passed around shots of hard liquor, one yelled out: “Are they going to take my BlackBerry? Come on, come get it.” ~LOL~

And Research In Motion (RIM) will definetely need to re-evaluate their next month's quarterly earnings, since Bank of America who would purchase Merrill Lynch is also expected to cut some 20,000 employees soon. So with those numbers went down the drain, RIM will have to look for new companies to cover up the lost monthly paid services.

A strange of chain reactions have happened in this strange world of ours, and like it or not, the down of Lehman Brothers will slowly affect our little mobile world as well.

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