Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sonic Lighter for iPhone

I've been posting some trivial iPhone apps lately, well... I won't exactly say they're useless, but likely more for fun than for serious work. And so is this one, this cool app is called Sonic Lighter.

The application is only showing up a fire lighter, at first it looks nothing special at all. But like what
iPhone Savior says in its review: "The realistic flame reacts brilliantly to breath and wind input using the iPhone's microphone, allowing you to create movement or even to extinguish it completely if you're a blow hard like I am. Turn the flame sideways and your iPhone frame starts to sizzle with a simulated burn effect. You can also light another iPhone users flame with your device, though I have not had a chance to try that one yet."

If you're still having a hard time to figure out what this app does, then I suggest you watch the YouTube video demo below. For $0.99 cents price tag, I guess this little app can be usable to show off a little magic trick to your friends. ~LOL~

[blogged with my Treo 750v]


Anonymous said...

i can't get the flame only sparks wen i flick the wheel???????

Andy J. S. said...

Have you check if your iPhone's touch screen or accelerometer are all working fine?

Known problem with the 1.2 release: phone-to-phone ignitions are not working. It's now fixed in the v1.2.1 update, so don't forget to update your Sonic Lighter app.

If the problem still exist, then go to this URL for support: