Thursday, September 18, 2008

Star Wars the Force Unleashed for iPhone/iPod Touch

Alright now, don't be surprised cuz you know it's coming sooner or later. But actually, I'm a little bit surprised, since THQ Wireless Inc. move so quickly to bring the latest of Star Wars game into iPhone/iPod touch platform.

Star Wars the Force Unleashed (v1.09) for iPhone/iPod Touch is tagged with $9.99 price at App Store, but is it worth every penny you're about to pay for playing it?

Well, according to
touchArcade and who have reviewed the game are all saying that it's not as good as the original one for gaming console. Of course, in order to fit the game onto iPhone, the software developer must compensate with the video engine that the Apple's device has inside.

The basic play of the game is simple enough, all you need to complete each stage (there are 6 levels) is to defeat the enemies with your Jedi's power. The game uses iPhone's touch gesture to complete the attacks, unfortunately it doesn't use iPhone's acceleromater feature in its game-play.

The verdict from
touchArcade is: "The actual game play is quite enjoyable and tie-ins to the Star Wars franchise certainly help. Who hasn’t wanted to fling storm troopers into a wall with the flick of a finger? But the actual “puzzles” presented are incredibly simple, making the game just a paint-by-numbers sort of experience. ... As a result, I think this game may only be worth it for the die-hard Star Wars fan, and even then with the understanding that your $9.99 will not get you long term replayability."

While the verdict from is: "After the first couple of levels my initial feelings say it is worth the $9.99 price tag assuming the game advances in difficulty, challenges, and force powers as it has so far. EDIT. 6 LEVELs??!!?! Don't buy this game I can think of a lot of better things to spend $10 on for an hour of entertainment."

There are plenty of screenshots from the game at page, while touchArcade provides a video demo that I attached below this post. Enjoy!

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