Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dentyne has its own original voicemail idea

Let's go a little off topic from the usual boring mobile news & techs for today, and put a tiny smirk on our face for once in awhile; shall we? ;-)

For you New Yorkers, have you seen these
Dentyne's ads on the streets? Dentyne is taking the wave of mobile & internet trends, for its own advertising concept.

Richard Blakeley from Gawker Media is being annoyed by those ads, because one of the ads copy-cat Facebook's "friend request accepted" line (the one on the right). The whole ad lines are: "Friend request accepted. Close browser, open arms. Make face time."

And the other ad that Richard has taken and sent is: "The original voicemail, hang up, listen close, make face time." Which presonally I think the ad is quite creative. ;-D What do you think?

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