Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Nano-Chromatic window display looks so tasty

I think I know what Steve Jobs is trying to aim with that rainbow colors of the new iPod Nano 4G; to blind our logic while we stare at the colorful line-ups displayed in Apple Stores. ;-)

Just looking at the left picture of the Nano-Chromatic line-up, makes me want to go inside and grab one already. I know I'm weak when I see such beautiful colors on a shiny new toy, urrmm... I mean device.

And I know someone else who is also can't hold his buying impulse when he's in Apple Store; our own Sammy! Let's hope Sammy will walk in an Apple Store soon, sees those eye-candy new Nano 4G and buy the whole line-up, then of course like his usual kindness Sammy is going to give them away at PalmAddict. Hmmm... I'm counting one, two three, ...nine! Nine colors, there'll be nine lucky winners then!! ~LOL~

Ohkay, I know I shouldn't spoil the beans. Or, hope too high. But I always hope I can win one of PalmAddict's give away over again and again, and that's not impossible you know. Just don't stop sending your mobile thoughts to Sammy, and who knows? ;-D

The picture is the display window at the downtown San Francisco Apple store taken by
Kitetoa, via iPhone Savior.

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