Saturday, September 13, 2008

You're not the only one

I suppose you too are wondering why the PalmAddict RSS feed in your mobile devices is not being updated these past couple of days or so, first thought that popped out in my mind was the wireless data connection of my carrier has probably down once again.

But after a couple of days without new updates at all, I checked it out with desktop computer, and found out that there's indeed a RSS feeds error. So if you're wondering wether you're the only one that's suffering without news from PalmAddict, then rest asure that you're not the only one going through the pain. ;-)

This is not the first time TypePad goes through the RSS feed hiccup, and like the last time happened; somehow they'll eventually sort out the problem and we'll have our PalmAddict feed back online once more. Since this is happening on the end of the weekend, I guess they're going to take a look at this on Monday.

So a little call out to all of PalmAddict Associate Writers out there, if you're near your computer or laptop or you may use your mobile device; please sign in and try to contact TypePad support. Or, better yet submit an error ticket to let them know of the RSS feed error. Hopefully TypePad support team can fix the problem ASAP first thing in the morning, and make sure this error won't happen again in near future. It's bad enough to have our addiction cut off from daily dosage, right? ;-p

And for you who reside in the US, esp3cially whose home are in the path of the Hurricane Ike, you're not the only one who are worried; all of us here at PalmAddict are hoping you're all alright and safe. As I'm following on the progress of the Hurricane Ike at
Stormpulse; it has passed Galveston & Houston. Please be careful for you who are in the next path of Hurricane Ike...

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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