Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why it takes so long for your iPhone to sync

It's still a big mystery for all of us, especially for you who have long time issue syncing your iPhone with iTunes. The time for iPhone to wrap up the sync process is vary from one device to another, one of the most unfortunate is Gizmodo's reader; Brandon Lusk. It takes 8 hours for him to finish syncing his iPhone!

What happened? Where all of those sync process go? What's the iPhone doing all of those time? These are only small portions of what we could have asked, when the sync time lasts more than it should be. No words or solution are coming out from Apple yet so far, even though the complaints are piling up higher everyday.

Lucky for us, those bright guys at
Joy of Tech have the answer! And they've explicitly elucidate what really happened with a nice comic pictured on the left. --click to view it larger-- ~LOL~

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