Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a woman willing to do for a picture

Here's a hilarious photo that shows how we, ordinary people, are willing to go an extra length to get in the same picture of our idols.

Caught this at Oddly Enough: A woman kneels to get her picture taken beside the table of the Obamas and the Bidens at Yankee Kitchen Family Restaurant, during a campaign stop in Boardman, Ohio, August 30, 2008. REUTERS/Jim Young.

It's not only the picture that makes me laugh, but also the letter written at the web page:
"Dear Patty, I’m afraid Mom has had another setback in the area of hallucinating.
She has been doing so well, but today at breakfast she dropped her fork, crawled over to the next booth to get it, and claimed she saw the Obamas and the Bidens. Like all they have to do with their time is have waffles and patty sausages here at the Yankee Kitchen!
You may disagree, Patty, but I consider this to be even worse than last month, when she saw all four Beatles over there at Applebee’s!
Anyways, we wouldn’t play along with her. Doc told us to just ignore her, and she’ll soon stop making up this hogwash!"
I bet, if the photo is real, that Patty's mom there took the picture with the help of mobile phone camera. Because otherwise Secret Service agents have definetely confiscated the camera. ~LOL~

UPDATE: According to Bob Basler from Oddly Enough, the photo is indeed real. Thanks Bob!

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robert basler said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my Oddly Enough blog. The photo is indeed real, and I think it's the best one I've seen all year.
Please come back to my blog often, leave comments, and bring your friends.

best regards,
Bob Basler

Andy J. S. said...

You're most welcome Bob.
And thank you for allowing me to use the picture posted at your blog ;-)
I'll definetely going to check your site once in a while from now on, great stuffs there!