Sunday, September 7, 2008

Will you pull Apple's/Steve's finger?

For you who are frequent visitors of App Store, have you noticed or even lucky enough to have downloaded a funny app called "Pull My Finger"? As the name of the app says, it's only meant for a joke and for fun only.

Pull My Finger generates about five or six different sounds of flatulence (aka. fart) from your iPhone, depending on your preference. If you still don't quite get it, then I suggest you watch the video below to fully understand what this app does.

But apparently, Apple doesn't think fart jokes are that funny. The developer of Pull My Finger, an iPhone application, told
MacRumors that Apple decided to reject his application from the App Store because it was "of limited utility to the broad iPhone and iPod touch user community." Here's the exact lines of Apple's email:

Hello Developer,
We've reviewed your application Pull My Finger. We have determined that this application is of limited utility to the broad iPhone and iPod touch user community, and will not be published to the App Store.
It may be very appropriate to share with friends and family, and we recommend you review the Ad Hoc method on the Distribution tab of the iPhone Developer Portal for details on distributing this application among a small group of people of your choosing.
Victor WangWorldwide Developer RelationsApple, Inc.

I don't want to judge on which party is right or wrong, this kinda situation is still in the grey area until Apple takes a more strict attitude on its App Store policy. But seriously, personally I'll pull Steve Jobs' finger anytime anywhere. How about you? ~LOL~

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