Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Early look of the new MacBook Pro codenamed "Brick"

We've reached the final stage of leaked photo shots, just several more hours before the official announcement of MacBook "Brick" Pro. After yesterday they, those mean-meany teasers, gave us only the live shots of the cases then this time is the whole laptop in all of its glorious blurry image.

Engadget got the tip that the upcoming "Brick" will hosts two NVDIA GPUs, not one but two. If this is true, than Steve Jobs can, and will most probably is gonna say the new MacBook Pro as the "powerest" ever. ~LOL~ (if you don't get why I use such gross grammar, please refer to this post)

The images and the rumors, can be true or not. It's like the saying goes: "I'ts not over until the fat lady sing", which in this case it's not over until Steve Jobs unveils the drape later at
Apple's October 14 event. But for me, that blurry image up there is good enough to ease my anxiety for few more hours. ;-)

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