Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New look, new spirit

I've just revamped the look of my blog site, I hope all of you will like it. From now on, the next posts will use Georgia font type. Personally, I feel it got a better edge for reading. ;-) Plus, I'm taking suggestion to use bigger font size because some of you said to have difficulties to read small Verdana font.

Also, I've taken down several services that I've been using since the start. Hopefully this way, especially for my good dear readers who more prefer to visit directly here daily, will have faster load time opening up the blog site.

For a reminder, you can subscribe to my daily podcast by clicking on the Odiogo service button, located at the right side.

And don't forget to use Google Translate, also located at the right side panel, for you who wish to read my blog posts in your native language.

If you have any suggestions regarding my blog site design, then don't hestitate to leave a comment at this particular post. Every positive feedbacks are greatly appreciated.


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