Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jott’s voice-to-text service revisited

When Jott service is still in Beta state some months ago, I heard about it so many times at PalmAddict. Where most of you, both readers & Associate Writers are so fond of the voice-to-text service which proves to be so useful.

But as time passes by, and Jott has grown to be everybody’s favorite service; it has come to a time where Jott finally through with the Beta phase and settled in with paid service. Oh don’t you worry, there’s still the basic service for free. Although, most of Jott's usefulness now comes with a price tag. ;-p

For you, who haven’t know what Jott is; it lets you dictate a memo to yourself on your cell phone. Within a minute or two, the memo is transcribed accurately into text and sent to you via e-mail and/or text message.

James A. Martin from
PC World, has tried out the new revisited Jott’s services and he let us know about them in his knowledgeable editorial: In a nutshell, the three Jott services are Jott Basic (free); Jott ($4/month) and Jott Pro ($13/month). Pay-as-you-go plans are also available. The folks behind Jott have made other changes, too, such as developing a Jott add-on to Microsoft Outlook and a Jott Express utility.

Let’s talk about our most favorite part; the free service fist shall we? The least expensive Jott plan, the basic free service, isn't ad-supported anymore, but it now has only a 15-second limit of voice recording. Also, the free service now sends you one daily e-mail of your transcribed notes and to-do list items. There are other limitations to Jott Basic such as: You can't use it to dictate and send text messages or e-mail to your Jott contacts, as you can with the paid plans.

Jott Express lets you organize Jott memos and reminders on a Windows or Mac computer by creating categories. Everything you do in Jott Express is automatically synced with your Jott account online, as well as with Jott for iPhone (a free application available from Apple's App Store).

While the Jott Pro offers the ability to record for 30 seconds, and access to a Jott utility for dictating and sending e-mail directly a RIM BlackBerry. The Jott and Jott Pro services send each note or to-do item as a separate e-mail throughout the day. Both paid services let you download, install, and use Jott for Outlook. It's a useful Microsoft Outlook add-on that lets you create e-mail messages, calendar items, and tasks by dictating them to Jott.

Does the Jott paid services worth it? I’ll let James sum it all for you in his advice for using the new Jott’s services: “At a minimum, I recommend trying Jott Basic for a few weeks. But I warn you: You might get hooked, decide that Jott Basic is too basic, and end up subscribing to a paid plan."

There’s a video demo of the new Jott service for iPhone that I’ve embedded below this post, you can get Jott app for iPhone at this

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