Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1 gets a retail unboxing and early hands-on pics

It feels like forever, when Sony Ericsson announced its ‘monstrous-beauty’ XPERIA X1 back in February; that’s more than 8 months ago. Added with many set-backs on the XPERIA X1 official release date, we just can’t bare it anymore to wait for it. Plus there’s speculation that the ‘monstrous-beauty’ (like the blogosphere called it) will launch in 2009, that’s just plain cruelty to those who have been waiting in agony.

Thank goodness, there’s a nice set of live photo shots; taken when the retail box of XPERIA X1 opened up by mobile techie site. I’ve only included a slew of the live pics at above of this post, for more you can visit
GSMArena web page and feed your hungry eyes with plenty of live photo shots there. Warning: prepare a drool bucket before you head on there. ~LOL~

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