Sunday, October 12, 2008

Treo 680 and Moto RAZR V3 sightings in "The Happening" movie

I've just watched "The Happening", a thriller movie directed by famous well-known M. Night Shyamalan. It's not as good as his previous works such as the "Sixth Sense" or the "Village", but thank goodness my dissappointment was healed with Palm's Treo 680 sightings in the movie.

A teacher named Julian, played by John Leguizamo is waving his Treo 680 when he first appear in the movie. Later, he tries several times contacting his wife with it while on the train; the little girl that's sitting on his lap is his daughter within the story line of the movie.

First, he yells and told his wife to text him because the background noise is too loud. And secondly, he indirectly tells the audience that his Treo 680 can do email as well when they all reached a restaurant.

Another noticeable mobile phone that's shown during the movie, is Motorola's RAZR V3 colored in black. The RAZR V3 is used by a character named Alma Moore; played by the innocent-looking Zooey Deschanel.
It's good to know, that the aging Treo handset is still being used in nowadays movies. Although this one is not so popular, nor a box office movie... ;-p

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