Sunday, November 2, 2008

10 top Android apps by PC Mag

When last weekend I've told you about 15 killer apps for your G1 Android phone. This time around, there are 10 top apps.

These top 10 Android apps have been gathered by Sascha Segan from PC Mag; hit the link to get there and found out if they're indeed useful or not for you.

Personally, I find there are three apps that most interest me:

  • Locale, it alters your phone's settings based on environmental or geographical criteria. For instance, if your battery goes below 20 percent, it can turn off your Wi-Fi.
  • ShopSavvy, this app lets you take a picture of a bar code on a product box with the phone's camera, and then churns out prices for the product from various retailers along with reviews from online shopping sites.
  • TuneWiki, it has a lot of fun features. Most notably, it taps into a user-generated database to show lyrics in sync with a song while it's playing.

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