Sunday, November 2, 2008

A good reason to chase around strangers with your G1 Android phone

I like how this post's title sounds. ;-)

I've been meaning to find a good reason to chase and tail on strangers, and it'll be better if we can do that along with our newly bought T-Mobile's G1 Android. Oh, I must be dreaming... Only lucky people got it on the first release, and I'm not one of them. ;-p

But if you do have a G1 Android phone, you might want to check out this game called JOYity. JOYity is a game that includes your environment into the game, no matter where you are. The app utilizes the device's GPS feature, the location based services of the phone.

Meaning; you need to run and walk around the city to play it. Eric Franklin from CNet who has played the game explain how it works: "In one of the games, called YouCatch, you play with other people while they're using their phones. Once you start, you'll get a quick picture of your target (another player) and then will have walk or run around your city (within a predetermined radius) to find him/her. At the same time, other players will be looking for you."

There are three games mentioned in JOYity website: City Race Munich, Roads of San Fransisco & YouCatch. JOYity Beta version is for free, and it's now available at Android Market.

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