Sunday, November 2, 2008

Software Devs are beginning to cheat in Android Market

With the openness policy that Google puts on the Android Market, it's possible for software developers to go rampage in luring users to buy their products/apps.

This sleazy act of conduct has been found by Rob Jackson from Phandroid (via Gizmodo): "Little did we know that when you download applications like 'Fast Food Calorie Calculator' its sole purpose in life is to direct you to the MobiHand website so you can PURCHASE the application for $9.99!"

I agree with Rob there, this kinda trick from software developers is a shame and has put a bad taste in every users' mouth. And in this case, the bad taste will soon spread to the whole Android Market experience. The result; everyone will avoid coming to Android Market in the first place, and rather purchase apps from other web stores.

Rob has updated the news with a response by David Schoenback from MobiHand:

MobiHand had nothing to do with this so-called 'cheap trick'. We operate a legitimate open marketplace for developers to sell and customers to buy Android apps. We did not create or know in advance about the listing in the Android Market. It’s not our responsibility (nor would it even be feasible) for us to control how our developer partners choose to promote, through other channels, the applications they have listed in the MobiHand catalog.”

Gizmodo says that the 'shameless' developer is: Concrete Software.

I'd say Google need to think long and hard, on how to resolve this kinda 'cheap trick' that's going on inside Android Market. Otherwise, the Android Market will soon enough loose credibility infront of its own users...

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