Sunday, November 2, 2008

Android flaw found and patched

It's not long before G1 Android phone owners have finished salivating over today's most boasted mobile platform, a security flaw was found.

But fret not, Google worked with T-Mobile USA to launched an early update to patch a security flaw in Android platform.

PCW Business Center was reporting: Researchers at Independent Security Evaluators revealed earlier this week that Android users who visit malicious Web sites may find their sensitive information stolen. That's because an attacker could access any information the site uses, including saved passwords, information entered into a Web application form and cookies.

The researchers also said, however, that the impact of the attack is limited because of Android's security architecture. An attacker can't, for example, control functions of the phone such as the dialer.

So beginning on last Friday, G1 Android users have begun receiving a software update that fixes the flaw. The update included the fix to the browser vulnerability and a couple of other minor changes as well, said Michael Kirkland, a Google spokesman. Every user of the G1 may not have gotten the update yet but should within a short time frame, he said.

First, it was iPhone's platform that being said to be vulnerable. Now, it's Android turn. There's no safe place for us, mobile addicts to be. ;-p

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