Sunday, November 2, 2008

Device Stage points a new direction of device management in Windows 7

There's a little debate going on in the blogoshpere about this new feature within Windows 7, called Device Stage (pictured left).

Device Stage is basically a source of information window for (Windows) users, to see what devices that have been plugged or attached to their machine. Although the idea to show the installed devices is good and an eye-opener even for average users, it may become troublesome if users are starting to install too many devices; which then over populate the Device Stage window. This is only one issue, there'll be plenty technical issues to deal with behind the scene...

Here's the snipped info that I took from PC World: "Device Stage is a new feature that gathers all of the information (everything from drivers and applications to manuals) relating to a particular phone, printer, or other piece of hardware, and lets you access it from a single window. But it will show up only if device vendors create an XML document based on a Microsoft template, a document that also must be approved by Microsoft. The good news is that such documents are a lot easier to create than new device drivers--and vendors can stick with the drivers created for Vista."

Good or bad, it's not hard to understand if Microsoft insist on using this Device Stage feature in its upcoming Windows 7 OS. You do know why Microsoft insisted on using the User Account Controller (UAC) in Vista right? You don't know? Well, so am I. ;-p

And that's why we so in love with Microsoft, it has so many level of mysteries to unravel. Oh, I'm so excited! ~LOL~

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