Monday, November 3, 2008

Do you know how small smartphones in the future gonna be?

So, do you know how small and sophisticated smartphones can be in the future? Robin Williams does! ;-D

Last night I was searching my DVD collection for a light movie to watch, and since the U.S. President election is the highlight news nowadays; I thought I'll just re-watch the "Man of The Year" movie again.

And I believe it was a right decision, I've always love watching Robin Williams act. He always able to crack up a smile, and his movie there is not an exception.

Aside from a good story about Presidential election process & e-voting system (which is also one of the most talked about technologies being used in today's U.S. President election), Robin Williams makes a funny joke about how small devices in the future. I won't spoil the fun, you're just gonna have to watch for yourself the snipped video that I've embedded below this post. Enjoy!

Lastly, I'm going to re-quote a wise saying about politicians from the movie; which Tom Dobbs (the character played by Robin Williams) also has quoted from Benjamin Franklin: "Politicians are a lot like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reason."

Don't you agree? ~LOL~ Have a nice and fun weekend my dear readers, we all need it to face a hectic Monday tomorrow.

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