Sunday, November 2, 2008

Button shortcut made easy by Palm

On last Thursday, I attended my cousin's engagement party. Well, it's not really a big party. It was just a small family gathering, ours and her husband-to-be's family. ;-)

During the meet & greet between the two families, I thought it would be nice if I could take at least a picture of this rare event. That was when I pulled my trusty Treo out of my pocket, unlocked the keyguard, and then quickly jump into camera mode with one single push of a button.

I've already assigned that one customisable button on the left side of the Treo to camera, so whenever I need to capture a precious moment; I won't miss it because I don't have to go thru the hassles of opening menus just to get into camera mode.

I have secretly took few pictures of the party, and I may say the pictures are good enough; considered they were taken in haste. Thanks to my Treo, I have pieces of precious memory in pictures. And thanks to the "Zen of Palm" for making such a neat button shortcut, that's one of many reasons why I love my Palm Treo. ;-D

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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