Sunday, November 9, 2008

Google calls Market as the "killer app" of Android

What makes a smartphone better than an ordinary mobile phone? If your answer is the apps that are running inside it, then I'm gonna give you my kisses and hug. No? Alright, just the hug then. ;-p

Yes, of course. At one point we may argue that the mobile OS also plays an important role, in fact the platform itself is the core and the base which let the apps to run.

But as for Google, the maker and the father of this growing Android platform, the most priced app that has become the pride and joy for the search giant is none other than the Android Market.

During the Wireless Communications Association International conference in San Jose, California; Eric Chu, group marketing manager for the Android Mobile Platform called the Android Market as the "killer app" of the platform.

Even with all of the apps in Android Market are still being offered free, Chu also said software devs are happy with the channel and with the statistics on downloads at the Market. But is the "free" policy will stay forever? As reported by PCW Business Center; Once developers can charge for their software, a change expected in the first quarter of next year, 70 percent of the revenue will go to the developers, Chu said. Of the remaining 30 percent, a small portion will cover the cost of the transaction, such as credit-card transaction fees, and most of the rest will go to the mobile operator.

The Google executive said that the average user of the Android-based G1 phone has downloaded 14 applications, out of 200 now available on the Android Market. Ouch, do you think Apple should be worried with those crunching numbers?

But how about Palm, where will you be when those two giants are fighting over a slice of apps cake share? I'm praying Palm has plans in store to fight back...

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