Sunday, November 9, 2008

iPhone vs. G1 Android in pictures

Even though G1 Android phone has been released for quite some time now, it's very rare to see it pictured side by side with its toughest rival; the iPhone 3G. At first I was hoping that someday, someone who has G1 phone will post pictures of the phone here at PalmAddict, but it seemed there haven't been any signs of such post yet so I took the iniative. I hope you don't mind...

Now, I don't own a G1 Android phone (I'm still dreaming to have one ~LOL~). So after searching awhile since last week, I found a good collection of the iPhone & G1 pictures side by side.

Upon staring those two gorgeous phones in great quality pictures (above), I've just realized how bulky is the G1 Android phone compared to the iPhone 3G. Somehow I can already guess which phone I'll take if I'm being offered to choose one of them. ;-p

How about you, which one will you choose? If you still need pictures to compare, you can drool more over at this Flickr link. Don't forget to prepare an empty drool bucket first!

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