Sunday, November 9, 2008

iStick, the handsfree magnetic case for iPod Nano

It sometimes amazes me, that there have been plenty of cool and neat ideas which are coming from just creating accessories for iPods line-up. This iStick magnetic case is one of them, it uses four pairs of Neodymium magnets placed on the back of a crystal case.

You'll receive 3 sets of iStick case, the case faceplate & backing are for hosting your iPod Nano, while the case fastener is to secure the case in between your cloth. The thinner your cloth is, the tighter those magnets to fasten. Talk about attracting people with see-through clothing... ~LOL~

iStick claims the magnets will not effect on iPod Nano, since the iPod Nano is now using flashdrive instead of using the conventional hard drives anymore. But iStick still warns you to put this case roughly around six inches from your laptop or computer, because its strong magnets may damage the hard drives.

Using magnets to hold the case means you won't be bothered with clip or the case holder no more, you can easily put it anywhere around your clothed part of the body. ~LOL~ iStick believes its $26.95 priced magnetic case will hold even for sport activies such as running, cycling, weight training, etc. Wow, what a way to draw people's attentions to look at it and not at your ass. ;-p

Sources are from iStick, via Macenstein.

[bogged with my Treo 750v]

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