Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fake Calls for iPhone

How cool it is to show off to your friends, or better yet to your enemies, that you received a call from famous people? Let's say like the President Elec Barrack Obama, or Steve Jobs himself?! ;-)

Of course you don't have to actually know those famous people, because now you can do that with this Fake Calls app for your iPhone (v2.0 software required). You can customize caller name or number, time to receive the call, vibration and wallpaper.

Version 1.1 is going to be ready this weekend for iTunes revision including more ringtones, settings, languages and fixes. The app will costs you only $0.99 cents, and the developer says it'll donate 10% of the earnings to charity called Mi Sangre Foundation.

For an end note, I must agree with Ian Paul from PC World about this Fake Calls app: "...although you have to wonder if Fake Calls will end up being the perfect excuse or a source of never-ending paranoia on blind dates." True, so true. ~LOL~

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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