Sunday, November 9, 2008

A charger that looks like your iPhone/iPod Touch

When I first took a glimpse picture of RichardSolo 1800 Smart Backup Battery charging an iPhone (pictured above), I thought it was an iPod Touch charging the iPhone. ;-p

Apparently RichardSolo is producing a backup battery that looks like the popular Apple devices, and it does have a striking similarity of height and size. The $70 priced product will get you a 1800mAH battery that capable to juice up your iPhone 3G once in a go, and three times for iPods.

RichardSolo has added both a laser pointer and mini flashlight to the unit's bottom, packaged it with a dual USB car charger, augmenting the wall charger and retractable USB cable. And included is two plastic mounting clips, which both are designed to prevent the battery from snapping off the iPhone or iPod Touch while in use.

Sources are from iLounge, via Ubergizmo.

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