Sunday, November 9, 2008

Griffin Clarifi quick review by Gizmodo

Back in September, I told you about Griffin Clarifi case for iPhone 3G; how it has this unique slide-on additional lens on the back of the case to enhance the iPhone's camera lens.

The Clarifi case is now released, and just on last weekend Gizmodo has gotten their hands-on it. I may say, the case will really enhance the back look of your iPhone; not just the camera itself. Like you can see on the picture left there, I thought it was a new phone being reviewed by Gizmodo. ;-p

Giz has posted comparison pictures between using the Clarifi case, and the ones that aren't. Pictures do speak a lot more than words, so I guess it's best for you to witness them for yourselves. But just in case, here's Giz's verdict on the case: "But for what it's worth, the case itself feels great in the hand, with just the right mix of plastic and rubber. If you're the type who insists on putting a case on your phone, then why not get something a little extra out of it?"

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