Sunday, November 9, 2008

FlashMath for iPhone/iPod Touch

Kids, who can resist your own flesh & blood right? When your little devils see you having and playing the newly bought iPhone 3G, of course they also wanted a shiny toy like that. ;-)

And since you're such a good parent for them, you buy one for each one of them. Ohkay, perhaps not an iPhone 3G; but iPod Touch? ~LOL~

So, instead of knowing that they'll be hearing musics and playing games all the time with their new toy instead of study school lessons; why don't you try this great free app to encourage your "Little Me" to learn math? The app is called FlashMath.

FlashMath is a fun math learning tool with your iPhone/iPod Touch, it is also great for a quick little brain exercise. FlashMath is configurable from simple addition and subtraction to more complicated multiplication and division. You can control the size of the numbers you want to work with, the amount of questions you want to answer and even assign a time limit per question.

I couldn't put it in a better way than what Dr. Macenstein has said about this FlashMath app: "So here’s some unsolicited parenting advice for anyone else who feels a little guilty about buying their young child an iPod touch to play games on and kill brain cells." ;-p

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