Sunday, November 9, 2008

Podcast download in iPhone 2.2, cheer or boo?

Now this is what I call a fine way to put an ugly bad taste into our mouths, especially for software devs who are developing apps for iPhone & iPod Touch. In a series of leaking screenshots from what seems to be the upcoming v2.2 software update for iPhone, the latest one reveals a new interface for downloading podcasts directly from the iPhone.

You do remember Podcaster, right? One of the most useful apps back then, that got banned from App Store just because Apple said it duplicates the functionality of iTunes. But now, if the above screenshots is proof that direct podcast download finally permitted in iPhone 2.2, then Apple has at last reveal its true intention to ban app such as Podcaster.

But what can we really say about this, if the iPhone 2.2 will offer the same functionality of apps offered in App Store; in this case is the banned Podcaster? From the software devs point of view, this can be a devastating blow to their hard works. After spending plenty of time, efforts and resources to made their babies grown and old enough to enter App Store, Apple with no haste will kick them out just because what they offer are the same features that Apple is going to put next into iPhone. Is this fair?

And if we look this case from users point of view, in particular are iPhone & App Store users, then this might be a good thing to consider. Let's just say that for the sake of smartphone is needed to get smarter, so are the features embed within need to be richer and many. So for the basic needs like downloading podcasts directly from your own handset, shouldn't it be there in the first place? Smarter smartphone, isn't this what we all wanted?

There's a better and quick solution for this kinda situation; Apple let apps like Podcaster to be in the App Store, while the iPhone 2.2 still gets direct podcast download feature (and any other features that work the same in other apps). But in the end, we might get to buy apps that we don't need because iPhone can already do what they're offering... Who's to blame then? I sincerely believe we never want to blame ourselves if mistakenly purchased apps like that, just look what happened to those who have bought "I Am Rich" app. ;-p

So what is your take on this podcast download in the upcoming iPhone 2.2 software? Cheer for it, or boo it down the drain?

For more info and screenshots of this iPhone 2.2 leaked rumor, head on to Apple Insider.

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