Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Apple is working on SemiTablet/SemiPhone?

You'll just probably going to sniffed off this rumor when it's only coming from me, like the last time I told you about, but how about if the rumor is coming from the famous All Things D?

John Paczkowski from All Things D is hearing rumor about Apple is currently working an entirely new device category set to be introduced at Macworld 2009 next year.

The rumor originally came from Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry, who speculates that it will involve chips developed by P.A. Semi, the boutique semiconductor design company Apple acquired last April. And we know for certain from Steve Jobs himself, who said Apple intends to use P.A. Semi's chips to power its future iPhone line-up.

And for your eyes only, tease yourself with Apple's 80s iPhone design, taken from Frog Design: "Marc Esslinger released this image and others of prototypes that frog founder Hartmut Esslinger created for Apple in 1983. The photo-gallery is an interesting look at 80s technology and design."

Ain't it a beauty? It's "fueled by dream, and powered by imagination..." ~LOL~ (see the Simpson's Mapple clip)

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