Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i-mate Go mimic iPhone UI for Windows Mobile

I begin to wonder, how many are they, people who wanted to have an iPhone but instead they own a Windows Mobile phone?

Because truth to be told, the increasing numbers of mobile-shell or mobile interface launcher app out there in the market has just proved there are plenty of people like that.

Here's another mobile interface launcher which mimic the iPhone's UI (use interface), it's i-mate Go. You may see a close resemblance of i-mate Go's UI with VITO's Winterface, it's a no brainer since it is powered by Winterface.

But i-mate Go offers customization icons to your liking, making it more unique than other competitors. For more detailed information, you can download and read the instructions for yourself at this link.

And here's the catch of using i-mate Go, according to Ubergizmo: "...just make sure you're in possession of the Ultimate 9502, Ultimate 8502, Ultimate 8150, Ultimate 6150 and JAMA 101 beforehand as other handsets won't work with it."

Dang! That's too bad, I thought about picking the best interface launcher app for my Treo. ;-p

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